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NFTs expertly designed with ❤️ and passion

The Mysterious Project Founders Series NFTs are spooky creative assets that exude mystery and ignite action. Additionally, they symbolize innovation and are destined to spark legendary conversations.

Mysterious is offering a limited number of Founders NFTs - 1,234 in total.

Founders Series NFT holders will receive a variety of airdrops every month. Airdrops will:

  • Include first-released songs and albums from legendary and new artists.
  • Give NFT holders a first-in-line opportunity to purchase WL tokens for music and investment drops.
  • Give the opportunity to attend Mysterious House Parties hosted around the world.
  • Give NFT holders the ability to stake NFTs for Mysterious coins. (Coming in 2023)

Mysterious Founders

Mysterious co-founders, John Watson and Rob Leland, are on a mission to transform the way NFTs, Art and Music are produced while simultaneously setting an example for other NFT projects to follow. Transparency, honesty, clarity and inclusivity will be at the heart of every project. As veteran entrepreneurs, John and Rob look forward to meeting you on their journey as they help build a foundation for artists, musicians and innovators inside the mysterious abyss that is Web3.

“Before there was Austin Powers there was the 'REAL' Man of Mystery…John D Watson! Where wonder, excitement, and disbelief enter the crevices of your mind and very conversion ends with, HOW DID HE DO THAT? 🤯 That’s MYSTERIOUS!”

Josh BarnardOwner of Josh Barnard Home Team
CEO, Founder

John Watson

I am a christian, father, architect, scientist, troublemaker, executive, revisionist, investor, mentor, advisor, analyst, academic, sales guy, entrepreneur, data analyst, system administrator, product owner, evangelist, debater, gamer and sports nut… And I probably forgot a few.

I like building things that need to get big. Whether that is technology or a business, I am interested in how to scale them.

I believe in innovative business creation and operations… My approach centers around 4 foundational characteristics: Culture, Mechanisms, Architecture, and Organization. By simplifying operations and driving innovation by identifying a low cost, scalable and reliable infrastructure that can be available to everyone. I am proud to help small to large enterprises break free from the lock-in of traditional enterprise hardware and software vendors by dragging traditional Web2 culture and immersing them into Web3 innovations.

Chief Talent Officer, Partner

Rob Leland

Music has been, and will always be my passion. People will always be my purpose. For years, I tried to figure out how I could serve both masters and it finally became clear in 2016.

As a performer, my time in the music business has long passed, but my desire to elevate new music and performers is stronger than ever. I’ve always considered myself an accidental taste maker, so I stepped into the promotions space. Doing so has connected me to a great many artists, many of whom are struggling with their identity and place in life.

More than most, I understand the ‘Artist’s Dilemma.’ The ‘Artist’s Dilemma’ is a combination of behaviors and cultural expectations that occur in virtually every artist’s life, and I know how to overcome them because I was a slave to them once upon a time.

Allow me the opportunity to serve you by connecting with you where you are today, right now.

Let’s agree to be honest with each other, to be brave with each other, and enjoy a level of intimacy and focus on a higher truth than we’ve ever experienced from any other relationship.

I look forward to revitalizing your dreams with you.

Chief Visionary Officer

Sandra Krager

Helping people and businesses grow and thrive is a challenge I embrace every day. I love immersing myself in complex challenges and finding creative ways to solve them. One of my greatest gifts is the ability to inspire true collaboration and deep learning through strategic questioning and open dialogue. I’m never afraid to ask tough questions, and we always find an impactful way forward.

My life’s work is a true reflection of my core values: curiosity, impact, authenticity, and empathy. I put my heart and soul into the things I believe in, and I am uncompromising in my commitment to serve. It is my greatest joy to find innovative solutions which enhance lives. I am a creative thinker and have a passion for tailoring solutions that drive results.

My contributions include 30+ years in and around restaurants, retail, hospitality, technology, automotive, insurance, Internet Technology, philanthropy, and physical security. I have a gift for identifying new and innovative approaches for businesses, organizations, groups, and individuals to connect and thrive.

Chief Operations Officer

Doug Jorgensen

With over two decades of entrepreneurial and consultative experience, Dr. Jorgensen brings a unique perspective to Mysterious. His work in the federal sector (FBI, DEA, OIG, DOJ and Medicare) as well as private and public institutions gives him a vantage from both a regulatory and board driven decision-making process. In addition to this federal and large public/private sector work, he has helped ‘mom and pop’ businesses get off the ground from concept to reality as well optimized existing businesses to double to triple their size and profits in mainstream markets as well as emerging markets like the American cannabis industry. From cannabis genomics to clinical software reporting applications for state and federal agencies, his down to earth style helps clients make tough decisions with informed data analytics. His ability to interpret and contextualize our clients projects to make their NFTs transactional and salable is unique and is cultivated from years of pragmatic business consulting acumen. In addition to his consulting and entrepreneurial work, he has been on faculty at Dartmouth, the University of New England, the Kansas City University of Medicine and Biosciences as well as lectured for Harvard and Vanderbilt. His consulting and speaking engagements have brought him throughout North America and parts of Europe, Asia, and the Middle East.

Mysterious Roadmap

Foundation = Meticulous Details no exceptions.

  • In our core foundation – legal, website, social, discord
  • Launch the first Mysterious Founders Edition NFT
  • Gain interest with Musical Artists for airdrops and NFT projects

Q2 '22

To our NFT holders and collaborators – always overdeliver

  • Mysterious VIP Kickoff Party on July 30th in Seattle, WA
  • Complete 2 NFT projects from innovators
    • Security Industry Web3 Collaboration Project
    • FinTech Project
  • Secure 30+ Musical Artists for airdrops and NFT projects
  • Launch 3 more Mysterious Founders Edition NFTs

Q3 '22

Build projects that inspire.

  • Finish the Mysterious Founders Edition NFT run
  • Complete a NFT Project for an eGaming Clan
  • Launch the Mysterious ICO
    • Project listed with the SEC
    • ICO listed on exchanges
  • Mysterious Radio is born!

Q4 '22

Inspire collaboration…people, creatives, innovators

  • Mysterious provides the funding, resources and mentorship you need to create something truly unique…there are no limits to human potential!
  • Mysterious Entertainment Label
  • Teach, motivate and uplift the youth for tomorrow to embrace Web3 and connect in new and powerful ways!








Your adventure starts here…click a box below!


Whether you love to create digital art, graffiti, photography, oil pantings or music: singing/band/rap/and more, Mysterious wants to help nourish your vision and promote your art to a thriving Web3 community!

Athletes and Influencers

Mysterious is not limited to one kind of artist. We’re looking for athletes interested in becoming a part of an upcoming NFT project or seeking their very own NFT project, created and promoted. As an influencer, you have the audience that will help us springboard a Mysterious project to legendary status! Tell us how you would like to partner with Mysterious!


Web3 is not a place for cookie cutter traditionalists…unless you like being chewed up and spit out! At Mysterious, we’re seeking innovators looking to be disruptive in their “traditional” genre of business. If you want to shake up your industry, simply add Mysterious to the conversation and see how we can partner and destroy conventional ways of doing business!

NFT drops coming soon 

NFT drops coming soon 

NFT drops coming soon 

FinTech NFT • Security NFT • Oli Chang Airdrop • Caskets • Memorist • Seek Harbour • Limbs • Sinoptik • Sunfall • InRetrospect • 

FinTech NFT • Security NFT • Oli Chang Airdrop • Caskets • Memorist • Seek Harbour • Limbs • Sinoptik • Sunfall • InRetrospect • 

FinTech NFT • Security NFT • Oli Chang Airdrop • Caskets • Memorist • Seek Harbour • Limbs • Sinoptik • Sunfall • InRetrospect •