Total trust in your contract.

Blockchain technology and web3 have already left large ripples in the world. The wide scale implementation of blockchain technology has lead to a surge of projects that has tested its infrastructure. As the world gets accustomed to the technology and its potential, focus on the true value that blockchain technology can bring to the world will be critical.

Blockusign is an E-Signature platform that leverages the Solana blockchain to draft, commit and execute electronic signatures. We are bringing transparency, data ownership and security closer to some of those who need it most; parties of differing interests that want to collaborate.

01. Powered by the Solana Blockchain

Using the fastest blockchain available today, Blockusign manages legally binding documents and their signatures, enabling information ownership and security to users like never before. By picking a blockchain with the correct technical and development community characteristics, we are able to bring more services like E-Signatures that want to be on the blockchain earlier.

02. Secure Decentralized Storage

Documents, signing evidence and other data are stored on the blockchain, removing physical and cyber single point vulnerabilities of the infrastructure. This means that the critical data that makes the document legally valid is tamper-resistant by any party and permanent.

03. Data Security

All information is encrypted and submitted to the blockchain through the Blockusign server, ensuring transportation and storage security of information. By using quantum safe* encryption that encrypts a defined set of data, even if a the customer leaked their key to a malicious actor, it only compromises the data that that involves that customer.

04. Complete Data Ownership

The final authority for all contract data is the customer. The Blockusign server stores no permanent data. Once the contract is completed, it is only retrievable to the relevant parties. Not even to we at Mysterious can see it.

* Encryption techniques considered quantum safe as of 2022

The Process Flow

  • The E-Signing process starts with a Customer (entity preparing the documents to sign) and the Signers creating wallets for themselves. Existing wallets can be used for either the Customer or Signer, and if the Signer is not familiar with crypto wallets, a custodial wallet can be provided at additional cost, or the Signer can sign with one of the Mysterious signing wallets.
  • The Customer then prepares the documents and assigns the signers. Template functions can be provided for rapid reproduction of similar documents.
  • Once the Customer is ready to send the documents out for signing, all data on the documents except for the signer fields are frozen, notifications to sign are delivered to the Signers.
  • The Signers can then digitally sign the signature, at which point the digital signature is written onto the blockchain. Depending on the level of verification needed, Blockusign can enforce various methods of identity verification.
  • Once all of the documents are signed, the Customer can archive the collection. Once the collection is archived, modifications are forbidden, forming a tamper-proof record of the agreement.

The Team

Our team comes from a diverse set of backgrounds, bringing a wide breadth of skills and experiences. Our founders have backgrounds in business, marketing, media and engineering. We believe in executing fast, failing intelligently and learning as effectively as we can. As new technologies are introduced to the world, we exercise continued focus on using them to shape the future in a positive way.

John Watson

Doug Jorgensen

Yu Omori

Rob Leland


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